Friday, June 5, 2009

Fire Pit, New Trick and Turtle

Chris wanted to build a Fire Pit in our Backyard and got a wonderful Idea from Trav my brother. This is us breaking in our new fire pit by having Smores with our neighbors. The kids had a blast.

Ry learned how to pull himself up on things. Do you think that this boy is a Martin?

This is the Turtle that we found crawling across our driveway on Sunday. We could tell that it was a wild Turtle and deiced that we needed to let it go in the creek over by our house. The kids wanted to keep it but I have enough things to clean up after.

Last Week of School

Wes had his last week of School last week. The above pic is Wes doing his school program. It was really cute and he enjoyed preforming.

The is Wes and his Teacher. I really enjoyed his Teacher. She worked with him so well and helped him a lot this year.

This is after the program. I asked Wes what he was doing with his hand. He said " Its the peace sign" I laughed and told him the thumb should not be out. He is such a sweet and nice little boy. I enjoy him so much.