Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

Ok so I am officially old now. Our little Weston started school today. Surprisingly I did not cry ( I think that it has something to do with my Zoloft) but dad got chocked up. Weston was ready and willing to go to school. I really don't think that any thing fazes that kid. He had a good day.

Here is a picture of Weston out in front of uncle Bryan's house.
The dog jumped up on Weston 2 days ago and scratched his nose. Nothing like going to school looking like you got beat up.
This will probably be my last post for a while. We are moving tomorrow and I won't have Internet for a while. Wish us luck.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two Days and Counting

Well we only have two days until we move into our house. It has not really sunk in that we are moving and the house is going to be ours. Weston has been counting down the days and is so excited. He starts school tomorrow up in Hooper and can't wait. He has his room all planed out on how it is going to be decorated. It includes his airplanes, trains and the all important deer antlers. I guess when you are five years old making sure that things match is not that important. So some how now I get to try to make all of this work.
I think that Carter is going to get lost in our house. I remember when Weston was carters age and we moved from an apartment to our house in Centerville he would get lost and cry for me. I am sure that Carter will do the same. He has gotten very use to our sleeping arrangements here and Uncle Bryan's house. I am sure that it is going to be hard to get him to sleep in a room all by himself.
As for Chris and I we are excited about starting this new chapter in our life. We feel so bless by the Lord and are very grateful for everything. Hooper is where we are supposed to be and we are ready for the excitement ahead.

Here is our kitchen with the appliances in. Have I said that I am so excited!!!!!!!Our House

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deer hunting with Papa Liston

Well we went deer hunting with Papa Liston this past week. The boys had a blast especially Weston. He loved it. He rode on papas 4x4 all over the place shooting his sling shot at trees and deer. I did not know how he would react when papa shot at the deer but he did wonderful. He loved it. It did not gross him out at all. Chris was able to come up on Friday and we had a good time going on the 4x4 with him. The boys especially loved going fast with dad.

Here is Weston practicing his sling shot.
Here is Papa L and Weston on the 4x4 getting ready to go hunt.
The boys in there camo on papa 4x4.
Papa Weston and Carter.
Papa and Weston with the Deer that papa shot. Way to go papa!!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Our living space

So with less than three weeks to go until we move into our house. I though that I would share with you all where we have been living. We have been living in my Uncle Bryan's basement. Bless his family for putting up with us for the last four months. All of my family has been living in one big room.

Here is a picture of our "wall" its just a sheet attached to the ceiling. Plus our cloths hanging on a cloths rack.
Chris and I side of the room.
The boys side of the room.
Let me just say that I have come to be very thankful space. It is hard when you whole family is living in one room. Not only do you have beds but you also have cloths, toys, shoes, and everything else that you need to function. There is no privacy at all. I think moving from here into our new house will make us be more grateful. I am glad that we have made it through these last four with out killing each other. Believe me there have been times of craziness but we all love each other and I think after this maybe even a little more.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Friends

My best friend Emillie was in town. We where able to get together yesterday. I have not seen here for about two years. We talk to each other about once a month on the phone. But it is always wonderful to see such good friends and catch up on life. I think when you see such good friends you always remember the fun memories. I always remember Friday night football games and going on Burger King runs at midnight. Trying to lay out and get a tan and of course I would just burn and Emillie would tan to perfection. There are so many things that I could list but our Senior year in high school was a blast.

Ok so Emillie looks beautiful and I look Chinese.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Carter and his love

Carter is two now and I have been holding off on taking his pacifier away because of our situation. Well with 19 days and counting until we move into our house. I am trying to figure out how I am going to do this.
I have a few choices. One is just to do it cold turkey. Doing this I know will make him very mad and I probably won't get any sleep for a few days. Choice two is to have the pacifier fairy come and take them away and leave Carter a prize. Or the third choice is to cut the nipple off a little bit at a time until there is no nipple left at all.
I really don't now which one to do but I know I have to do something. I have noticed that his top teeth are starting to push out. If I don't take it away it will mean braces when he gets older. So any suggestions from anyone?

He thought he was so funny because he figured out that he could put two bobos(that is what he calls the pacifiers) in his mouth.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kitchen counter tops

They installed our granite counter tops yesterday. They look really good. We are at 20 days and counting until we can move in. I don't think it will come fast enough.

Here is another picture of the cabinets.

Happy Birthday Mimi

Happy Birthday MOM
We hope that you have a wonderful day. We are thankful for the wonderful mother you are to us and a wonderful Mimi you are to your children. You have raised one awesome family.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Let there be Light and counter tops

They have installed the lights in the house. They are nothing special. We did recessed lighting also in some of the rooms.
They also put the bathroom counter tops on. It is just formica. They look good though.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I have tried to keep the boys busy over the last few weeks. On one of our outings we went to the aquarium here in SLC. The boys loved it. Weston ran from one thing to the next. Of course Carter was right behind pushing any body in his way. Weston loves fish and wanted to take one home. In fact every time we go fishing he wants to keep the fish and put it in our pond in the backyard. The only problem with that is we don't have a house right now or a pond.
Carter smiles in every picture like this. I sure have my hands full with him. He does not put up with anything from anyone. I think he has little man syndrome. He is a keeper though.

Friday, August 3, 2007


Much to our suprise they put the carpet in today. Here are some pictures.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New pictures of our house

Here are some new pictures of our house. They put the Kitchen cabinets in and the floor. Its coming along good. Can't wait until we move in.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


This past weekend we did Westons favorite thing in the world Fishing. I tell you this little kid loves to fish. He was getting quite frustrated with us because he was not catching anything. We had to call Papa Liston and ask him what type of fly to use. Ofcourse as soon as we put the right fly on we caught a fish.

Cute little carter was having fun holding the fishing rod and smacking it against the water. Little does he know that this dose not help catch the fish but makes them swim away. I guess as long as he is having fun that is all that matters.
Here is Chris and Carter hanging out on the cooler.