Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday and Belts

Wes had his 9th birthday party. I took 7 boys to the movies to see Rio. The boys loved it. We came back to our house and had Pizza and Cake. We are so lucky to have so many kids in our neighborhood for our kids to play with.

Wes and Car have been enjoying Karate very much. They earned there first strip on there belts two weeks ago. Car was epically excited. We are so lucky that we have found something for him to do and enjoy. It has been so good for his balance and stretching.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Car wanted a new ssuit so bad. He begged and begged me to get him one. I finally broke down and bought him a suite. He wanted to look like his Dad. He was so excited to go to church and show everyone.

We had a weird week of weather about 3 weeks ago. The kids took advantage of the warm weather and played on the play set all day. Here is Car swinging away.

I found Ry playing with Micky Mouse. He cracks me up so much. This was his outfit of choice. A kids Home Depot apron and a Straw hat.

Papa M, Ry, and Car.

All my boys ready for Church.

Papa L and the boys.

Papa L and Mimi were in town when it was grandparents day at school. The kids were so excited that they could come to school with them.