Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Part One Washigton and Oregon

I have not updated our blog in a very long time. We have been really busy traveling and visiting family. The boys and I drove up to WA to visit Chris family and my Bother Travis and his family. We celebrated Cars 5th Birthday with Aunt Anne, Papa and Nana Martin. We went to the Zoo and where able to stop by and visit Grandma Edgar.

Next we drove onto Oregon to visit Travis and his family. We where able to be there for T's Baptism and Papa Listons Birthday. We went to some amazing waterfalls and had so much fun with Travis and his family.

I was able to visit my Best Friend from High School. It was so good to see her and her cute family.

Em and I.

Papa L jumping with the kids on the Tramp.

The play the cousins put on for Papa L's birthday.

At Red Robin lunch after T's Baptism.

The waterfall we hiked up to. The kids had a blast.

C's birthday Cake.

C was supper cute opening his gifts.

Ry with is shades on at the Zoo.

Wes and Car sitting on a hippo being funny.

This Zoo was amazing. There was so much to look at the kids had such a blast.

Papa Martin, Ry and the dog sitting looking for the Raccoons.

The hurt Raccoon the boys loved watching at Papa and Nana Martins house.

Great Grandma Edgar and the boys. It has been a long time scene we have seen her. It was nice to visit with everyone and see family we have not seen in a while.